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QNX Momentics IDE
development project.

Project Created: 08/01/2007

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Total Project Members: 14
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Elena Laskavaia


The Eclipse CDT provides the C/C++ development environment for QNX Momentics. It has the following features:

  • A Project Explorer for finding files in projects
  • A C/C++ Editor with:
    • keyword and identifier coloring and bracket matching
    • an Associated Outline view for navigating quickly to functions in a file
  • A source code indexer that facilitates:
    • content assist in the editor
    • identifier declaration and reference searching
    • call hierarchy, type hierarchy, and include hierarchy views
  • An automated build system:
    • for creating executables, and shared and static libraries
    • to optionally build based on user provided makefiles
    • with error parsers for mapping build errors to locations in source files
  • Debug session visualization:
    • to provide views for variables, registers, memory, and modules
    • to provide view of threads and stack frames while session suspended
    • for navigation from stack frames to source in the editor
    • for breakpoints on source lines and functions

The CDT is developed by a number of vendors as part of the Eclipse open source project. The CDT sub-project is lead by Doug Schaefer from QNX Software Systems.