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Project Created: 08/01/2007

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The Target System Information tool provides you with a wealth of system and process-state information for a specific target — live or postmortem. Selecting a new target will update the Target System Information tool with a wide variety of information about what’s happening on that target device. You can begin with a high level overview, allowing you to see which processes are active and the process arguments involved. You can also view CPU and memory usage, both for the system at large and per process. You can then drill down, using tools that let you examine thread attributes (e.g. state, scheduling policy, CPU usage, stack size), signal states, program memory maps, file descriptors, and so on.

SystemInformationScreenshots/system_information_snapshot_small.jpgClick to enlarge


With the Target System Information tool, you can:

  • Watch for high resource usage (e.g. memory consumption, CPU utilization, and the number of file connections) through the live monitoring of processes and threads
  • Detect potential deadlock situations by examining a graphical representation of the blocking relationships among the processes
  • Manipulate files on your remote target system as if they were residing on your host system
  • Easily transfer new files to the remote target, and then edit them directly from within the IDE
  • Extend the program launcher to launch executables on the target using a simple double-click action