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wiki1499: InstallingSubversive

To install the subversion plug-in (subversive), first you will need to launch your Momentics Integrated Development Environment (you should have an entry in the “Programs” menu called “QNX Momentics…”).#

Once the IDE is running, you should see something like this… #

From this point you need to open the “Find and Install” dialog, which is available from the “Help->Software Updates” menu. #

Selecting “Find and Install…” will bring up the following dialog…#

Click on the “Search for new features to install” radio button, then select “Next”. On the following dialog click on “New Remote Site…”, and then (in the URL field) enter: For the name field anything is fine, but “Subversive” might be a good choice. #

Once you have entered the name and url, then click “OK”. The entry will appear in the “Sites to include in search” pane. Check this entry only, then click “Next”. You should now see a dialog similar to the following…#

Check the highest level Subversive item (sub-items will check automatically), then un-check “Subversive Integration”, and click “Next”. On the next dialog, accept the terms of the license, and then click “Finish”. After a few moments the subversive software will be installed, and you will be prompted to re-start the workbench. Go ahead and say OK to re-starting the workbench.#

Once the workbench restarts you now have the ability to connect to the community subversion server.#

Image pic4.JPG [InstallingSubversive/pic4.JPG]
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