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wiki1428: Bootstrap

Building from source with pkgsrc.#

Before you start#

  • QNX support for 'pkgsrc' is currently for self hosted machines only. Please see the QNX site for download information.
  • Make sure you have an internet connection. 'pkgsrc' will download distributions from applicable sites.

Bootstrapping under 6.3.2#

Bootstrapping under 6.3.2 is more involved. See the bootstrapping under 6.3.2 page for detailed instructions.

Bootstrapping under 6.[45].X#

Set up your environment#

  • Add /usr/pkg/bin:/usr/pkg/sbin to your PATH
  • Add /usr/pkg/lib to your CS_LIBPATH
    • I have the following in my /etc/rc,d/rc.local
      setconf CS_LIBPATH $(getconf CS_LIBPATH):/usr/pkg/lib


  • Download pkgsrc with QNX diffs. Familiarize yourself with the repository layout:
    • The real work WRT QNX support is done under pkgsrc/HEAD_6XX branch where 'XX' should correspond to your current version of QNX.
    • The vendor branch contains snapshots of the unmodified NetBSD tree. These are useful for diffs and merges to the entire HEAD_6XX branch but otherwise aren't that interesting.
  • Note: this is a subversion repository. If you've registered with the Foundry27 site, the above link should present a sample checkout command. For example, to check out the entire repository:
# svn checkout --username <username>
  • However, each branch is fairly large. To check out only the HEAD_650 branch with QNX diffs:
# svn checkout --username <username>
  • Once that's done you should be ready to bootstrap:
# (cd pkgsrc/bootstrap && ./bootstrap)

Try your first package#

# (cd pkgsrc/misc/figlet && bmake install)
# pkg_info