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QNX Operating System

Development of the fundamental components of the QNX® Neutrino® Realtime Operating System. Aka QNX6 Casually called "procnto".

99.9% 277 06/18/2021
BSPs and Drivers

Project dedicated to the development of Board Support Packages and drivers for the QNX platform

99.9% 578 07/23/2020

General community information and administration

99.8% 28 05/12/2021

Project dedicated to the transparent development of the QNX Neutrino Core Networking source code

99.8% 215 06/01/2021

QNX Momentics IDE development project.

99.7% 14 06/17/2021
Core Development Tools

Home of the QNX platform Core Development Tools' transparent development.

99.5% 65 11/27/2020

Graphics Core Project

99.3% 96 06/09/2021

Project for the provision of the latest QNX RTOS v4 network, disk, graphics, audio, USB and other device drivers.

99% 51 06/18/2021

The Multimedia project is dedicated to the development of "Middleware" supporting audio and video oriented technologies.

98.9% 90 03/01/2019

QNX File Systems

98.8% 44 07/22/2020
QNX Community pkgsrc Project

The packages collection

98.6% 31 04/20/2021

A marketplace for software exchange.

97.8% 17 06/26/2020

A QNX port of the Solaris dtrace tool.

97.7% 13 12/05/2019
QNX Japanese Community

QNX Japanese community - in Japanese QNX 日本語コミュニティー

97% 13 03/22/2021
QNX Community VMware® Project

This project is a place to adopt, adapt or create software for using QNX in the VMware environment.

96.9% 13 08/27/2020