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Project dedicated to the transparent development of the QNX Neutrino Core Networking source code

99.8% 202 05/27/2022
QNX Operating System

Development of the fundamental components of the QNX® Neutrino® Realtime Operating System. Aka QNX6 Casually called "procnto".

99.9% 270 05/26/2022

General community information and administration

99.8% 26 05/24/2022
BSPs and Drivers

Project dedicated to the development of Board Support Packages and drivers for the QNX platform

99.9% 551 05/17/2022

QNX RTOS v4 has been declared End of Life (EOL) as of March 1, 2022. For more information see Project for the provision of the latest QNX RTOS v4 network, disk, graphics, audio, USB and other device drivers.

99% 48 04/13/2022

QNX Momentics IDE development project.

99.7% 14 12/21/2021

QNX File Systems

98.8% 38 12/15/2021

Graphics Core Project

99.3% 90 11/11/2021
QNX Community pkgsrc Project

The packages collection

98.6% 26 10/11/2021
Core Development Tools

Home of the QNX platform Core Development Tools' transparent development.

99.4% 55 10/11/2021
QNX Japanese Community

QNX Japanese community - in Japanese QNX 日本語コミュニティー

97% 12 03/22/2021
QNX Community VMware® Project

This project is a place to adopt, adapt or create software for using QNX in the VMware environment.

96.8% 11 08/27/2020

A marketplace for software exchange.

97.7% 13 06/26/2020

A QNX port of the Solaris dtrace tool.

97.7% 9 12/05/2019
QNX Community FUSE Project


91.1% 2 12/05/2019