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wiki1491: NetworkingForumsGuidelines

Networking Forums Guide#

Project members are encouraged to post instead of sending private e-mails (which may not be answered).

The forums that are available to start off with are as follows:

Name What to post
Code Reviews Code review forum
General Catch all for anything that doesn't fall into the other groups
io-net migrationHow to do in io-pkt what you did in io-net
Technology Stack features and usage
Builds Build issues + bug reports
Drivers Drivers and other hardware questions

Posting Guidelines#

Someone suggested the rule "If you wouldn't say it to your Mom, don't post it here." However, unless you've got a mom like Dilbert's (who can tell the difference between packet-routing networks and circuit-switching networks), the mom rule seems a tad over specified. So the only rules are:
  • All postings must be civil
  • Off-topic posts must be humorous and not dominate the group

How to create a new forum#

Propose the new forum with a posting to General and ask for comments. When a consensus is reached a project admin will create the group. Do the same if you think an existing group's mandate should be changed.