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wiki3786: DownloadIDE4.7 (Version 11)

IDE 4.7#

IDE is an acronym which stands for Integrated Development Environment and a short form for the QNX Momentics IDE. The IDE is based on Eclipse and CDT (open source projects). It provides a Graphical User Interface for developing applications for the Neutrino Real Time Operating System (RTOS). The IDE runs on Windows and Linux hosts, uses cross-platform compilers for Neutrino, and supports "target machine" management with remote running and debugging of applications.

This page is for experimental drops of release for IDE 4.7. You can try this version of IDE after you install one of the IDE 4.7 integration builds. We welcome your suggestions for improvement.

For additional plugins see Add-ons for IDE 4.7 page.

Integration build 200903010000 Download#

Plaform & CDT

  • Eclipse Platform 3.5.2
  • CDT 6.0.2

Memory Analysis

  • Added Memory Problems and Memory Traces views - they would show data instead of controls in editor
  • Added advanced filtering and grouping for Memory Problems and Memory Tracing views
  • [73774] Icons on Settings tab give user no feedback when pressed
  • [73773] When process isn't running, the Setting tab disappears.
  • [70319] IDE fails deleting output.mudflap file
  • [73838] Missing snapshot events

Application Profiler

  • [72249] Missing data when copying contents from Execution Time view

Project & Build

  • [73425] Support for the ARM v7 target platform variant
  • [73518] Fix problems in building makefile projects targeting PPC SPE variant
  • [74367] Discovery of include paths and macro definitions in QNX C/C++ Projects now correctly observes and persists the "indexer variant" selection
  • [67951] QNX C/C++ projects can now use relative paths (e.g., ../../path/to/dir for extra includes paths and library search paths

C/C++ Development

  • [73021] "Add Include" action in the editor now works in the presence of syntax problems and does not require a project build
  • [71212] Improved accuracy of auto-discovery of shared library search paths in launch configurations, especially for PPC SPE and ARM v7 variants
  • [73806] Support for per-language discovery of includes and macro definitions in mixed C and C++ projects, e.g., enabling __cplusplus macro in common header files
  • [70339] Need a way to override workspace-wide default compiler settings

System Builder

  • [73431] Support for the ARM v7 target platform variant
  • [71146] Fixed searching for binaries and other files in projects targeting the PPC SPE variant
  • [68021] Fixed inference of file types for binary files such as dhcp.client that have dots in their names, when importing build files
  • [69975] Added photon/bin and other standard binary paths to default search path
  • [74578] XIP settings for data and code are now observed by the mkifs build file exporter
  • [71181] Support for latest on MIPS platform
  • [69454] BSP Import - Garbled error message on legitimate failure to import build file
  • [70401] System Builder sets absolute Search Paths when importing BSPs in Momentics 4.6
  • [68666] IDE should support archive file in double-zip format
  • [68218] Source import wizard should remember last directory for picking up .zip files

Code Coverage

  • [68226] Code coverage sessions view refresh collapses view
  • [68227] Remove all coverage markers also collapses session tree
  • [67988] Code coverage markers don't play nice with folding code blocks
  • [71563] Non coverable source lines shown as not covered in report
  • [73332] Makefile CodeCoverage Project causes Error Messages
  • [70386] No code coverage for libs since not possible to open dialog in what sources from libs are selected

System Information

  • [27185] Connection information should report "full side channels" in hex
  • [68033] System info log launch has too small buttons for process selection
  • [74868] Target File System Navigator remove target functionality deletes target project and contents without warning
  • [74865] Disabling all table parameters in the Target File System Navigator causes errors to appear
  • [74862] Target File System Navigator "Show Files in Tree" option has no effect when "Show Table" is disabled
  • [74857] IllegalArgumentException appears in the log when clicking on shared save log configuration in System Information Logging Configuration dialog
  • [74856] Refresh of processes on disconnected target should not be allowed in System Information Logging Configuration
  • [74007] Target File System Navigator overwrites existing files despite user's intervention
  • [71553] Drag & drop within target file system navigator loses file
  • [74366] Qconn connection problem when HW_SERIAL is set with non-alphanumeric chars
  • [70775] Target file system navigator: wrong size information for large files

Integration build 200908052001 Download#

Plaform & CDT

  • Eclipse Platform 3.5 with P2 provisioning system
  • CDT 6.0

Project & Build

  • [69642] C/C++ editor complaining about errno
  • [69291] Can't disable Builder for QNX C++ project
  • [69179] AbstractLockableException hangs IDE
  • [68218] Source import wizard should remember last directory for picking up .zip files
  • [66611] QNX specific "Convert to C/C++ Project" wizard should be removed
  • [64002] Co-existence between 6.3.2 and 6.4.0: doesn't work for non-QNX projects
  • [56940] Qnx Project cannot make another debug configuration
  • [55529] Missing INCLUDE path / Wrong EXTRA_INCVPATH value
  • [52051] New Project Preferences rports an error in build variants - will not allow any other settings changes

C/C++ Development

  • [69995] Group Launch - update from CDT
  • [67152] Renaming the project of a debug configuration makes the configuration disappear
  • [66996] Usability and Extensibility of CDT Working-set Build Configs

System Information

  • [68877] System Blocking Graph casual column heading
  • [65003] Target File System Navigator to have file path line

System Profiler

  • [69249] Filter locking

Memory Analysis

  • [62461] AM9.4 - mallocg/ - FAILS everywhere
  • [61291] Memory Analysis - Bins or Bands - Play button action is broken