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wiki3342: Photon_faq

Photon FAQ#

  • Q: Can I write Photon and GF/GLES code in the same application?
  • A: Yes you can!! In QNX SDP 64x, Photon and GF are almost "one and the same". With the GF code, you just have to ensure you follow the proper gf_draw_begin()/gf_draw_end() paradigm, otherwise Photon's io-graphics will become deadlocked (io-graphics is actually a Photon to GF "translation" server now). Examples using GF and GLES within a Photon window are posted in the Project Downloads section.
  • Q: What happened to the Photon capability of rotating the display orientation that was previously present in QNX Momentics 63x?
  • A: Because of the move of Photon to GF in Athens 6.4, we’ve lost this feature/functionality (because GF doesn’t provide the infrastructure for rotation); re-adding support for this functionality will decided in a future release.