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wiki1146: Trinity2

What is Trinity2 (6.4.0)?#

Trinity2 is an internal code name for the next release from the OS-kernel team. It consists of three parts:

  1. Neutrino Core OS 6.4.0
  2. Adaptive Partitioning TDK (now part of the Advanced Runtime Module)
  3. Multi-Core TDK (now part of the Advanced Runtime Module)

All three are intricately linked to OS-kernel development and all three will receive updates as part of Trinity2.

Trinity2 Feature Set:#

Milestone Builds for Trinity2:#

The following are experimental milestone builds for Trinity 2. Each build is an early version snapshot of the OS that was made available prior to release.

UPDATE: Trinity 2 features are currently available in the full product release of 6.4.0. The following experimental builds are for historical purposes only.

Each build is tested by the test team at QNX to identify issues. Fixes are added to each subsequent build. A readme for each milestone build is available that includes major Known Issues, What’s Fixed, and What’s New.