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wiki4376: UpdatedQNXSourceAccessPolicyFAQ (Version 4)

Updated QNX Source Access Policy FAQ#

Effective April 9th 2010, QNX Software Systems has updated its source code access policy. This FAQ has been prepared for customers, partners, and hobbyists and provides details on what has changed.

Q. What has changed under the new source code policy?#

Under the new policy, QNX Software Systems will continue to make its proprietary OS and middleware source code available to qualified customers, partners, and educational institutions. However, some of this code will no longer be available to hobbyists or to the general public.

The new policy classifies proprietary QNX source code as either Open (available to anyone under an open source license), Accessible (available to customers, partners, educational institutions, and hobbyists under a new click-through agreement), or Restricted (available to customers and partners with an approved QNX Restricted Content Application).

For example, QNX Software Systems will:

  • continue to provide board support packages (BSPs) as open source
  • provide various libraries and utilities as Accessible source
  • provide source code for the QNX microkernel as Restricted source

Q. Has anything else changed on Foundry27?#

Everything else remains the same. Foundry27 remains open to the public and continues to host projects, wikis, developer forums, and technical documentation. Community members can still enjoy early access to QNX technologies, have discussions with QNX developers, and access open source software ported to the QNX® Neutrino® RTOS.

Q. How can I access the source code from the Accessible category?#

By accepting the updated Foundry27 end-user agreement, you are automatically entitled to view Accessible source code, which is available from the QNX Source project.

Q. How much Accessible source has been posted?#

Currently, the QNX Source project contains a subset of the entire base of Accessible source code. We will add more components over the coming weeks.

Q. How do I access Restricted source?#

Please contact your QSS Sales or Support representative to request access.

Q. As a hobbyist, what benefits do I continue enjoy on Foundry27?#

You can download proprietary QNX open source from projects such as BSPs and Drivers, download Accessible source from the QNX Source project, and download all open source software ported to the QNX Neutrino RTOS and posted on Foundry27.

All other existing privileges remain. You can still enjoy the unlimited hobbyist license for the QNX Software Development Platform, get your questions answered by the QNX community through the forums, enjoy early access to QNX technologies, and participate in the creation of new Foundry27 projects.