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wiki2877: TiDsplinkInstallnotes

Installing the DSPlink 1.40.05 archive#

To install the DSPlink archive:

  1. Install the BSP using setupbsp and specifying the path of installation.
  2. Extract the DSPlink archive into the root of where the BSP is installed.
  3. Navigate to the root of the BSP directory.
  4. Run the script to set up the installation directory for the DSPlink components without affecting the BSP:
	. ./
  1. Run make install to compile the BSP and DSPlink.

Installing the DSPlink 1.6.x archive#


  1. QNX SDP 6.4.0
  2. Jacinto BSP 1.0.0 for 6.4.0 or Jacinto-DDR BSP or OMAP3530 BSP
  3. Updated startup-jacinto if using Jacinto BSP 1.0.0
  4. Dsplink 1.6.x archive

To install the updated startup files (required if using Jacinto BSP 1.0.0 from Oct 31, 2008)

  1. Contact your Support or Sales representitive to retrieve the updated startup files or get files from Trunk BSP
  2. The following files have been updated: 'build', 'init_intrinfo.c', and 'main.c'
  3. Copy the updated files to the startup folder of the BSP directory (<install_dir>/src/hardware/startup/boards/jacinto/)
  4. Rebuild startup

To install the DSPlink archive:

  1. Install the 6.4.0 Jacinto BSP by extracting to the directory of your choice
  2. Extract the Dsplink archive into the root of where the BSP is installed or a directory of your choice
  3. Navigate to the installation directory
  4. Run the script to set up the installation directory for the Dsplink components without affecting the BSP
	. ./
  1. Run make install to compile the DSPlink and the BSP.

Configuring Dsplink

  1. The CURRENTCFG.MK located in <install_dir>/public/dsplink160 contains all the additional environments variables that is necessary for building Dsplink with the specified components. This configuration file is specific for each platform. By default, CURRENTCFG.MK is equivalent to CURRENTCFG.jacinto_default.MK.
  2. If necessary, copy a pre-defined CURRENTCFG.<boardname>_default.MK to CURRENTCFG.MK.
  3. Now, you can modify the CURRENTCFG.MK if necessary. There are various memory configuration files located in <install_dir>/config/all. The CURRENTCFG.MK sets an environment variable "TI_DSPLINK_DSPCFGFILES" to the filename of the memory configuration file to be used. Make sure this is set to your target memory configuration file.
  4. Make sure these options are the same when building a DSP image.
  5. Run "make install" to rebuild
  6. When building "startup-<board_name>", make sure to reserve this memory from the OS and it matches the desired memory configuration. (See board buildfile).

Known Issues

  1. The CURRENTCFG.drx45x_default.MK enables DSPLINK_LEGACY_SUPPORT, edit the file to disbale it as shown below:
  1. The CURRENTCFG.drx45x_default.MK may pull in the incorrect memory configuration file. Make the modifications below to <install_dir>/lib/dsplink160/
	# Add the line: SRCS += $(PROJECT_ROOT)/config/all/$(TI_DSPLINK_DSPCFGFILES) under SRCS += $(PROJECT_ROOT)/config/all/CFG_system.c
	# Remove the line: SRCS += $(PROJECT_ROOT)/config/all/CFG_DRA44XGEM_SHMEM.c
	# Remove the line: SRCS += $(PROJECT_ROOT)/config/all/CFG_OMAP3530_SHMEM.c

Many of the configuration errors are described here:

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