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BSP Installation Notes for Momentics 6.4.x BSPs#

This guide is a quick overview on how to install and get started with 6.4 style BSPs under SDP 6.4.0 and 6.4.1. For complete information please refer to the SDP 6.4.0 Installation Notes which can found here or refer to the SDP 6.4.1 Installation Notes which can found from here.

Importing BSPs in the IDE#

Note: 6.4.0 BSP should be built using the 6.4.1 IDE (4.6). Please follow the instructions found here , in the sub section titled "How to use the 6.4.0 tool chain within IDE 4.6".

Before working with a BSP in the IDE, you must first import it. When you import the BSP source, the IDE creates a System Builder project.

To import the BSP source code:

  1. Select the File - Import menu item.
  2. Expand the QNX folder.
  3. Select QNX Board Support Package from the list. Click Next.
  4. In the Select the package to import dialog, click Select Package, and choose the BSP archive using the file browser.
  5. Choose the BSP you want. You'll see a description of the BSP you've chosen.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Uncheck the entries you don't want imported. (By default all the entries are selected.)
  8. Click Next.
  9. Select a working set. Default names are provided for the Working Set Name and the Project Name Prefix that you can override if you choose.
  10. Click Finish.

All the projects will be created and the sources brought from the archive. You'll then be asked if you want to build all the projects you've imported.

If you answer Yes, the IDE will start the build process. If you decide to build at a later time, you can do a Rebuild All from the main Project menu when you're ready to build.

For more information, see the IDE User's Guide in your documentation set. (Within the IDE itself, go to:Help - Help Contents - QNX Documentation Roadmap).

Building BSPs on the Command Line#

To build a BSP on the command line simply unzip the archive in the desired location. Note that the zip files lack a root directory, so it is best to create a working directory first.

Here is an example, assuming the BSP archive was downloaded to ~/Download

	cd ~/sand
	mkdir bsp_x86_bios_trunk
	cd bsp_x86_bios_trunk
	unzip ~/Download/

With 6.4 BSPs there is no need to run setupbsp, or to source, simply change into the root directory and run make:

	cd ~/bsp_x86_bios_trunk

If you haven't already done so, install the srcversion patch for specific QNX distribution you are using from the download section of the BSP project as root.#

  1. cd $QNX_TARGET/../..
  2. tar -xpf srcversion-patch-6.X.X.tar

Not required for 6.4.1

Where to go From Here#

Refer to the BSP specific release notes on the steps required to get the image running on the board.

Note to maintainers: this page is referenced outside of Foundry27, please do not move to a different URL