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wiki2330: AtmelAT91SAM9263EKEvaluationBoard (Version 4)

Access to this BSP is granted on-demand, please first contact the QNX Community Management Group_

Download here

BSP Components

  • ARM LE Kernel for QNX Neutrino, 6.3.2
  • “Cold Start” IPL, programmed to Dataflash(Serial Flash)
  • Startup
  • Serial Driver supporting DB9 RS232 connectors, serial UART and DBGU UART modes of operation.
  • USB Host (OHCI)
  • Ethernet, 10/100Mbit/s
  • I2C Resource Manager
  • SPI Host
  • SPI Slave
  • Photon Graphics Driver, 2D Acceleration with blitting, polygon fill, line drawing.
  • SD Block Driver
  • Audio including Playback, Capture, Mixer, Mute output, Change output volume.