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wiki1428: Bootstrap (Version 3)

Bootstraping pkgsrc from source#

Before building packages from source under QNX, it's recommended you download and install a tar archive containing fixes and omissions to our kit this entire exercise has uncovered. This may be updated periodically and the fixes contained within will eventually be part of general distribution of QNX. You may want to verify its contents and backup any existing components. At the time of writing this archive contains:

  • usr/bin/patch
    • The shipped one doesn't do anything. PR 21085.
  • usr/qnx632/target/qnx6/x86/usr/lib/libtermcap.a
    • tgetent() can pull out terminal definition for ansi rather than qansi. PR 45283.
    • tcsh can tickle this one.
  • usr/bin/expr
    • regular expression matching done with the ':' operator must be anchored to the beginning of the string. PR 49169.
      • libtool can tickle this one.
    • work buffer for ':' operator is too small. PR 50882.
      • configure scripts can tickle this one.
  • bin/uname
    • trailing space if muliple options are passed or -a specified is not POSIX. PR 44076.
  • usr/bin/comm
    • comm is needed for POSIX conformance. PR 19760.
      • perl needs this one.
  • usr/bin/ftp
    • This is the latest one from our next scheduled networking release and adds http support which pkgsrc likes to have.
  • bin/pwd
    • No terminating newline if stdout isn't a tty isn't POSIX. PR 44519.
  • usr/bin/tr
    • '\\' , '\a' , '\b' , '\f' , '\n' , '\r' , '\t' , '\v' should be supported as POSIX escape sequences. PR 24740.
  • bin/ksh
    • This is a weird one. libtool-1.5.24 consistently caused ksh to fault while building ncurses. Wasn't really able to debug it but recompiling the HEAD ksh seemed to remedy it so maybe something fixed along the way?