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wiki3837: Launchers
The WebKit browser engine builds into a shared library called An application that makes use of this library to display HTML or other web content will loosely be referred to as a "launcher". There are currently two sample launcher applications available from QNX:
  1. The wklauncher, which is a very simple GF based web browser application to allow you to see the basics of using the WebKit engine via the WebView API. See the source code here.
  2. The webkit_kd browser launcher used by QNX CAR. This is an OpenKODE and Composition Manager based launcher that is optimized for use in embedded systems with a separate HMI layer. Communication between the launcher and the HMI is done using a Persistent Publish Subscribe (PPS) messaging model. The source code for this launcher shows more advanced techniques such as support for hardware scrolling, and multiple browser windows. See the source code here. Please note that webkit_kd is under active development so it may not be stable. It is intended primarily as an example of a WebKit launcher implementation.