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wiki1412: FAQ

QNX Community VMware FAQ#

This FAQ answers questions frequently asked about the QNX Community VMware® Project. Have an unanswered question? Post it to the General forum.


What is VMware?#

VMware is a software company providing virtualization products. Virtualization products is a fancy way to say they make software products which emulate computers. You can use their products to create many virtual computers on a single computer.

How does this help me?#

We can use VMware products (I use VMware Workstation myself) to create many instances of our target environment. We can experiment with virtual changes which may be difficult with the real hardware. I use it on my laptop so I can use one computer and not have to worry about multiple computers while developing.

This project#

What is this project for?#

We want to create a number of both drivers and tools to make working with QNX under VMware easier. This can be drivers (graphics, network, block devices) which are aware of the VMware environment and are quicker because of that awareness. This can also be tools which facilitate copy and paste operations, or shared folders or whatever else we can think of.

How can I help?#

We are looking for two types of people (at least). We need developers to help with developing these drivers and tools. We also need developers who are simply users of these drivers and tools and can help us by providing feedback which will allows us to fix the problems, or create new improved tools.