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wiki1097: Planning_1.0

Release Plan#

The following table lists the various milestones planned for the current release of the Core Development Tools:

Milestone Planned date Status
Project goes public September 12, 2007 100%
Binutils 2.17 port completed September 2007 100%
GCC 4.2.1 port completed September 2007 100%
GDB 6.7 port completed December 2007 100%
Release Q108 80%


Binutils 2.17 port#

  • Support added for ARM V6.
  • Support added for ARM VFP floating-point instruction set.
  • Support added for SH4a and variants.
  • Support added for SSE3 instructions.

GCC 4.2.1 port#

  • New C parser (available in gcc 4.1 and newer). Yacc-based C parser was replaced with a faster hand-written parser.
  • New C++ parser (availble in gcc 3.4 and newer). g++ is now much closer to full conformance to the ISO/ANSI C++ standard.
  • New optimization framework based on SSA. New code transformations include dead store elimination, constant propagation, value range propagation, load and store motion, strength reduction and many more.
  • Optimized ARM floating point emulation routines.
  • Support for precompiled headers.
  • Open MP support is now added to for the C, C++ front ends.
  • Mudflap pointer checking. (required ldd support in development)

GDB 6.7 port#

  • Pending breakpoint support added.
  • Handling of C++ nested types, namespaces and mangled names have improved.
  • Support added for C/C++ preprocessor macros.