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wiki1096: Builds_Summary

Builds Summary#

This page summarizes the various available builds for the Core Development Tools.

Component Source Binaries Type Test Results
Binutils 2.12 TBD M* Release
Binutils 2.17 TBD here Stable TBD
GCC 2.95.3 TBD M* Release
GCC 3.3.5 TBD M* Release
GCC 4.2 TBD here Stable TBD
GDB 5.2.1 TBD M* Release
GDB 6.7 TBD here Experimental TBD
Make 3.80 TBD M* Release
Make 3.81 TBD here Stable TBD
NASM 0.98.35 TBD M* Release
NASM 0.98.39 TBD here Stable TBD

M* : Binaries are available as part of QNX Momentics.