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wiki4336: QNXCARDigitialInstrumentCluster

Instrument Cluster Reference#

The instrument cluster is the latest piece of in-cab electronics to move from analog to digital
and automakers are seizing this opportunity to leverage that front and center display real
estate to differentiate their brand. More and more content is being put at the driver’s disposal.
Naturally, displaying this content in a safe, configurable, and brand-defining way within the
instrument cluster has dramatic appeal. If done right, these “configurable” clusters can even
help to reduce driver distraction.

Advances in display technologies, consumer expectations around user interfaces as well as
the price points for auto-grade graphics and SOCs are driving new requirements around
advanced digital clusters. This next generation of instrument clusters must easily
consolidate and render content from:

  • The vehicle bus (CAN, J1850, etc.)
  • Cameras
  • Collision avoidance data
  • Navigation systems
  • Media/connectivity buses such as MOST, Bluetooth, USB, etc.

While consumer user interfaces and technologies are influencing or even interacting with the
instrument cluster, this device cannot be left to a consumer grade OS. Rather, this new
generation of clusters must work instantly, each time, every time, and support the mission/life critical
and realtime performance requirements of an automotive grade solution.


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