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First works on a full port of Qt to QNX Neutrino OS were done a while ago: Qt 4.6 in 2009. Since then, there was a lot of progress in the technology development and market adaption of Qt and QNX. New features in Qt5 for mobile and embedded systems and support of accelerated graphics on QNX combined with regular contributions to Qt lead to increasing customer interest. This was one of the key reasons to recognize QNX Neutrino OS as one of the supported platforms in Qt.

Considering all this we think we should do a few things differently and use the Qt 5.3 release for a change. The page should guide the users of this project through changes and provide some background information.

Where to get right information about Qt on QNX#

Qt is developed as an open source project and provided as a commercial product as well. The wast majority of technical information around Qt and about recent developments is hosted on the Qt Project wiki pages. By time, key topics are moved to Qt documentation which is also the first source for API reference.

We started a new area on the Qt Project wiki pages which covers Qt on QNX: Even though those pages are focused on QNX, they explain talk about Qt aspects only.

There are many domains of Qt on QNX which are very QNX specific and so might be not very interesting for a broader Qt audience. This project space should be used for such topics.

This change should provide more visibility for QNX as a platform in Qt and so will result in more awareness of QNX in the whole Qt contributor community (estimated to be around 200 full-fime and around 100 part-time developers).

In addition to wiki, Qt-Project hosts other community facilities:

Please keep using this project, but focus it on QNX-only topics related to Qt.

What is new the Qt 5.3 and Qt Creator 3.1.1 release for Qt on QNX#

Qt 5.3 has been released on May 20th. The this pages on Qt Project wiki summaries the status on Qt on QNX and QtCreator

Where to get Qt on QNX#

Since the release of Qt 5.3, Digia provides binary installers for ARM and x86 targets for Qt Enterprise customers.

QNX will provide binary installers based on Qt under (L)GPL license for those who already use Qt under (L)GPL. A download link will be posted shortly.

Qt is a source code product, and you can build Qt for QNX too, see this page for instructions. Even though it building Qt on QNX is simple on the first looks and takes max half an hour on a fast machine, you should think twice if this is a good choice for your project.