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wiki5380: InstallationNotesForSystemProcess

Installation notes for system process.#

1. Download a bundle from the Latest Software Updates page.

2. Compare the cksum result with the checksum posted on the Latest Software Updates page.

# cksum <app_name>.YYYYMMDD.tar.gz

3. Unpack the bundle:

# zcat <app_name>.YYYYMMDD.tar.gz | tar x

4. Backup the existing file.

If you wish to keep a copy of the existing utility, you'll need to save it to a safe location first, to prevent it from being overwritten during installation.

# cp -vc /bin/<app_name> /bin/<app_name>.`date +"%y%m%d_%H%M%S"`

5. Copy the updated application to the /bin directory:

# cp <app_name> /bin

Please note that some system utilities are placed in /usr/bin directory instead of /bin. Use correct path on steps 4 and 5.