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wiki4666: InstallationNotesForBoot

Installation notes for "boot".#

1. Download the boot utility from Software Updates 2010 page.

2. Unpack it:

# zcat boot.20100803.tar.gz | tar x

3. Compare the cksum results with the checksum posted on the Software Updates 2010 page.

# cksum boot

4. Backup the existing boot utility.

If you wish to keep a copy of the existing utility, you'll need to save them to a safe location first, to prevent them from being overwritten during installation.

# cp -vc /boot/sys/boot /oot/sys/boot.`date +"%y%m%d_%H%M%S"`

5. Copy the updated driver to the /boot/sys directory:

# cp boot /boot/sys

6. Make sure that the binaries are executable and that the file's owner and group are correct:

# chmod 775 /boot/sys/boot
# chown root:root /boot/sys/boot