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wiki1501: BuildQFC

Once you have connected to the source repository, under the repository there should be a branch called trunk. Right-click on this branch and select "Find/Check out As.." from the pop-up menu. You should now see a screen something like this...#


Select "Find projects in the children of selected resource" (as shown), insure that "Checkout recursively" is selected, then click on "Finish". You'll now see a dialog something like this...#


Make sure that all projects are checked, then select "Check out as projects into workspace", and click "Finish". This operation will run for a little while. When it is finished, change to the C/C++ Perspective. You should see something like this...#


In order to build the projects we need to specify the active build configuration for each project, and then build in a specific order. First, let's set the active build configuration on each project. You can do this, by shift-selecting all the projects, and then right-clicking, and selecting "Active Build Configuration" from the pop-up menu (select either the debug or release configuration - in the screen shot the debug configuration was selected).#


Now that the active build configuration is set, we need to tell the IDE to build sigc++ first, followed by the QFC library, and then everything else. This is done by ctrl-selecting sigc++, then ctrl-selecting QFC...#


...and then ctrl-selecting everything else, followed by a right-click selecting "Build Project" from the pop-up menu.#


That's it, everything should now be built.#