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wiki7146: PkgsrcOnQnx6.6

Host Installation#

  • Install QNX6.6 on host.
  • Install PSP 660-3851-RS5495 on host for missing headers.

Target side#

# cd $HOME
# tar -xzvf p4.tar.gz
# export PATH=${PATH}:${HOME}/bin/pkgsrc
  • Edit bin/pkgsrc/doit and set your CPU, HOST and QNXINSTALL vars where QNXINSTALL is where qnx6.6 is installed on the host.
  • NFS mount pkgsrc tree and /usr/pkg from host at same point on target
# fs-nfs3 <host_ip>:$HOME/pkgsrc $HOME/pkgsrc <host_ip>:/usr/pkg /usr/pkg
  • Set up ssh-agent so you can ssh in to host without passwd
    • hint: make sure host can do a reverse DNS lookup of target to make this as fast as possible.
# eval $(ssh-agent)
# ssh-add
  • Some of the pkgsrc checks for builtin functinality look for headers under /usr/include. You can either:
    • Copy or nfs mount ${QNX_TARGET}/usr/include from the host to /usr/include on the target.
    • Add the following lines to $PREFIX/etc/mk.conf on the target after having bootstrapped pkgsrc where PREFIX is as specified to the bootstrap command (default /usr/pkg).
      • Note there may be other such overrides needed; they'll be added as they're discovered.
  • Try some stuff
# cd pkgsrc/bootstrap
# ./bootstrap

Misc notes#

  • mail/mutt needs to know where to spool mail
# mkdir /var/spool
# mkdir -m 0777 /var/spool/mail
# chmod +t /var/spool/mail
Text p4.tar.gz [PkgsrcOnQnx6.6/p4.tar.gz]
Text p3.tar.gz [PkgsrcOnQnx6.6/p3.tar.gz]
Text p2.tar.gz [PkgsrcOnQnx6.6/p2.tar.gz]
Text p.tar.gz [PkgsrcOnQnx6.6/p.tar.gz]