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Welcome to the QNX Multimedia Wiki#


See our roadmap to find out what we have planned in upcoming milestones.

Design and Development#

Looking to build the source? See the Multimedia Source Guide.


If you want to have a look at the Multimedia Suite documentation, it's under the Documents tab.

The release notes for the latest release are in the root folder, and the notes and full documentation set for each release are in subfolders. Just click on the folder for the release you want. You can download a specific PDF, or a zip file with all the documentations in both HTML and PDF formats.

If you are new to our Multimedia Suite, a good place to start is Introduction to the MME, which includes an overview of the MME architecture and a Quickstart Guide.

The Project Team at QNX#

  • Adrian Boak - io-media, MMF
  • Angelo Pennacchioli - io-media, MMF
  • Darrin Fry - io-media
  • Dave Young - Testing
  • Gilles Roy - MME, QDB, Media device support
  • Gordon Mitchell - Media device support, MME
  • Kristopher Cieplak - MME
  • Michael Truman - Architecture
  • Mikhail Nefedov - Testing
  • Nicola Vulpe - Documentation
  • Peter Martin - Testing Lead
  • Tim Jenkins - MME
  • Wojtek Lerch - io-media, MMF
  • Thomas Franzky - Project Management
  • Dan Cardamore - Development Manager