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Welcome to the QNX Multimedia Wiki#


Aviage 1.2 is the next release of the multimedia suite. It'll be ready on May 21st, 2009 but we're sharing with you our work along the way. See our roadmap to find out what 1.2 will add and what else we have planned.

Project Members#

  • Adrian Boak - io-media, MMF
  • Angelo Pennacchioli - io-media, MMF
  • Darrin Fry - io-media
  • Dave Young - Testing
  • Gilles Roy - MME, QDB, Media device support
  • Gordon Mitchell - Media device support, MME
  • Kristopher Cieplak - MME
  • Michael Truman - Architecture
  • Mikhail Nefedov - Testing
  • Nicola Vulpe - Documentation
  • Peter Martin - Testing Lead
  • Tim Jenkins - MME
  • Wojtek Lerch - io-media, MMF
  • Thomas Franzky - Project Management
  • Dan Cardamore - Development Manager