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Multimedia Project Overview#

Welcome to the QNX Multimedia project. Our team develops software that lets you integrate media devices and content easily so that you can play audio and video, and display photos from a myriad of different devices with as little work as possible.

The main features that the software provides are:

  • Finding devices that are plugged into the system (iPod, CD changers, USB sticks, etc.)
  • Synchronizing the content from these devices to a database so that you can browse them with advanced user interfaces
  • Playing the content on these devices
  • Copying the content from these devices to local storage, such as a hard drive

Like other groups in QNX, our focus is embedded systems, so we've paid attention to memory and CPU usage, as well as allowed you to integrate hardware acceleration such as DSPs. There are many extensible points in the software to add codecs, playlist parsing plugins, metadata source plugins, multimedia device drivers, etc. We share our development environment with you on this site — you even have access to the source code where you can find all these extensible points.

An important key to the success of this project is open two-way communication. Please tell us what you think, and ask questions! Just go to the Multimedia Forum. Developers at QNX and who are part of this project elsewhere will be monitoring the forum and will post responses to the threads you create.


This section explains what you can download, and where you can find it.

Source Code#

For instructions on how to download and build the source code, see the Multimedia Source Guide .

Milestone Binary Downloads#

You can download our milestone builds here.

As you know, in the world of multimedia there are many technology stakeholders that must be respected. This means that we can't openly share all of the different binaries that we have with you unless you first sign agreements with the relevant technology suppliers. Further information is provided below. If you would like access to those additional packages, please contact the Sales department at QNX.

Want to Know More?#

Read The Legal Stuff: License(s)#

Except as expressly noted, the software available for download from this Project is licensed to you by QSS under the QNX Non-Commercial End User License Agreement, Commercial Software License Agreement (CSLA), or Partner Software License Agreement (see and the terms of your Foundry 27 Terms of Use / Membership Agreement at . QNX Aviage Multimedia Suite and third party components are provided to CSLA licensees solely for the purpose of internal evaluation and prototyping, and external demonstration, unless you have or until you get the appropriate commercial QNX Aviage Multimedia Suite license(s).

The Multimedia project seeks to integrate a variety of commercially released and experimental QSS proprietary, open source and third party technologies in order to deliver a broad range of multimedia capabilities to embedded developers. In order to develop, use and ship devices that offer such functionality it is necessary to understand the various technology and content stakeholders and how to obtain the requisite intellectual property license rights. This can be a complicated picture. It will depend on a number of factors, including the device’s capabilities, its intended use(s), and the markets in which the device is to be manufactured, distributed and sold.

QNX publishes licensing information relating to commercially released QNX Aviage Multimedia Suite components in its License Guide (see QNX Aviage Multimedia Suite at It is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to multimedia licensing. It does provide an explanation of the license rights being offered by QSS, prerequisites that may be required, and other third party licensing considerations that QSS is aware of that may impact the development of QNX Aviage Multimedia Suite-based embedded devices. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU READ IT! We will also be publishing similar licensing information relating to other components that are made available for download from this Project at the following page – Supplementary License Guide Information.

Certain software made available for download from this Project may enable devices to produce or reproduce (including by ripping), copy, perform and/or display multimedia content (e.g., audio, images, video). The required intellectual property license rights necessary to use or offer devices with such capabilities will vary, depending on the intended use of the device, the types of content involved, the markets in which the device is used or sold, etc. You are solely responsible for determining all such requirements and making all of the arrangements (e.g., obtaining licenses, paying copyright collectives’ fees, limiting the device functionality in some markets, etc.) necessary to make, use, import and, should you proceed with the necessary commercial licenses, to distribute and/or sell devices, or offer related services in all of your direct or indirect markets.

The software includes encryption technology that may be controlled for import, export or other purposes under the laws and regulations of various countries. This software may not be downloaded or transferred to: (i) any country prohibited by United States and/or Canadian laws and regulations (presently Belarus, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Myanmar (Burma), North Korea, Sudan and Syria); (ii) any person or entity prohibited from receiving United States and/or Canadian exports (including, but not limited to, those involved with missile technology or nuclear, chemical or biological weapons); or (iii) any country which requires an import or use permit for encryption technology.

None of this information should be construed as legal advice. You must consult your own legal advisors to determine and satisfy your own licensing obligations.

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    Version 16 Thomas Franzky  -  06/02/2008
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    Version 9 Update license statement with new text from Legal. Thomas Franzky  -  05/29/2008
    Version 8 Thomas Franzky  -  05/26/2008
    Version 7 Thomas Franzky  -  05/26/2008
    Version 6 Added license statement with link to License Guide. Thomas Franzky  -  05/26/2008
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    Version 2 Frederic Plante(deleted)  -  05/22/2008
    Version 1 Frederic Plante(deleted)  -  05/22/2008