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wiki3060: WhatIsNewIn4.6 (Version 6)

What's new in IDE 4.6?#


  • Eclipse 3.4.1
  • CDT 5.0.2

System Profiler#

  • #62677: Data from TimerTimeoutEnter events is now parsed and displayed correctly
  • #63017: In order to distinguish between similar paths, the address translation binary paths tab now displays the full path
  • #63276: The address translation binary selection dialog now provides you with a list of a selectable binaries, as opposed to having to type one yourself
  • #63751: Importing a kernel trace into the Application Profiler now considers the time range selection and only imports the range you have selected
  • #63752: Address Translation properties can now be set for a given kernel logging launch configuration. Any kernel traces created using the launch configuration will have its address translation properties appropriately set. The global address translation preferences are now properly supported.
  • --62651: The System Profiler toolbar now provides a menu to edit the timeline event label properties
  • --62764: The Partition Summary Element table in the APS Summary pane now displays both thread and process information as a tree (the previous implementation showed a flat list of threads)
  • --63302: Fixed an issue where the System Profiler menus were incorrect on Linux
  • --63750: The timeline can now show event label data for address translation related fields. Additionally, the format of the timeline event label is configurable.
  • --64086: When working with address translation binary paths you can now remove and reorder multiple paths at the same time

System Information#

  • --63301: Partition child process and threads tree in the APS view now stays expanded when the view is refreshed

Debug & Launch#

  • Added option to pick Debug shared library path directory from workspace and remember last pick

C/C++ Development#

  • #64030 : Makefile projects do not build with IDE 4.6.
  • #53854: Changing Compiler Optimization level removes some spaces in
  • #50397: Build error when you import project that has all targets selected into Momentics IDE that supports only x86.
  • #63731: IDE does not respect macros with '_ at the end.
  • #63606: Managed make projects do not clean build configurations variants.
  • #64293: Discovery doesn't work for regular make project.
  • #63965: Format of ICC messages was updated.
  • #63926: Many NPEs while closing IDE on big WS.

System Builder#

  • #63988: Cannot pre-set permission 777 on a script destined for /proc/boot
  • #62063: Null pointer exceptions when saving project.bld
  • #64098: In add host directory dialog wrong error processing.
Image APS_Launch.png [WhatIsNewIn4.6/APS_Launch.png]
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Image GroupLaunch.png [WhatIsNewIn4.6/GroupLaunch.png]
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