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wiki3060: WhatIsNewIn4.6 (Version 15)

What's new in IDE 4.6?#

# fixed, + fixed in latest build, - fixed in next build


  • #Eclipse 3.4.1
  • #CDT 5.0.2

System Profiler#

  • #62677: Data from TimerTimeoutEnter events is now parsed and displayed correctly
  • #63017: In order to distinguish between similar paths, the address translation binary paths tab now displays the full path
  • #63276: The address translation binary selection dialog now provides you with a list of a selectable binaries, as opposed to having to type one yourself
  • #63751: Importing a kernel trace into the Application Profiler now considers the time range selection and only imports the range you have selected
  • #63752: Address Translation properties can now be set for a given kernel logging launch configuration. Any kernel traces created using the launch configuration will have its address translation properties appropriately set. The global address translation preferences are now properly supported.
  • +62651: The System Profiler toolbar now provides a menu to edit the timeline event label properties
  • +62764: The Partition Summary Element table in the APS Summary pane now displays both thread and process information as a tree (the previous implementation showed a flat list of threads)
  • +63302: Fixed an issue where the System Profiler menus were incorrect on Linux
  • +63750: The timeline can now show event label data for address translation related fields. Additionally, the format of the timeline event label is configurable.
  • +64086: When working with address translation binary paths you can now remove and reorder multiple paths at the same time
  • +64577: Toggle labels button in the toolbar can now be used to enable all or disable all labels without having to use a submenu

System Information#

  • +37587: Usage view now displays an additional column showing process cpu usage as a percentage against non-idle time
  • +63301: Partition child process and threads tree in the APS view now stays expanded when the view is refreshed
  • +64545: IDE become unresponsive when copying file using Target File System Navigator

Debug & Launch#

  • Added option to pick Debug shared library path directory from workspace and remember last pick
  • +60661 Allow to specify "partition" (APS) in launch dialog for launched process
  • +45543 Support multiple program launch is added. You can now create a launch configuration that launches several processes.

C/C++ Development#

  • +64030 : Makefile projects do not build with IDE 4.6.
  • +53854: Changing Compiler Optimization level removes some spaces in
  • +50397: Build error when you import project that has all targets selected into Momentics IDE that supports only x86.
  • +63731: IDE does not respect macros with '_ at the end.
  • +63606: Managed make projects do not clean build configurations variants.
  • +64293: Discovery doesn't work for regular make project.
  • +63965: Format of ICC messages was updated.
  • +63926: Many NPEs while closing IDE on big WS.
  • +65154: IDE blocked while importing non-converted (IDE4.1) container
  • +61275: Check Dependencies for header files does not work when you build before option is set (subsequent builds will not check for dependencies)
  • +65786: qnx project adds some variables into which makes build to fail

Memory Analysis & Error Detection#

  • +Added new Feature - Mudflap visualization tool. Mudflap is a tool (gcc instrumentation) that allows to catch runtime errors such as buffer overflows, bad free. etc. To see full error backtrace you need also apply mudflap library patch on targets (mudflap only available staring from 6.4.0)
  • +52701 Memory analysis filter extended to support pointer values, which now can act as "search" for specific events
  • +43834 Memory analysis now show allocation backtrace for error that has them

System Builder#

  • +63988: Cannot pre-set permission 777 on a script destined for /proc/boot
  • +62063: Null pointer exceptions when saving project.bld
  • +64098: In add host directory dialog wrong error processing.

Application Profiling#

  • +65081: Annotated source editor font problem - now using default Text font (instead of system font)
Image APS_Launch.png [WhatIsNewIn4.6/APS_Launch.png]
Image CPU_Usage.png [WhatIsNewIn4.6/CPU_Usage.png]
Image ImportPackage.png [WhatIsNewIn4.6/ImportPackage.png]
Image GroupLaunch.png [WhatIsNewIn4.6/GroupLaunch.png]
Image StackTrace.png [WhatIsNewIn4.6/StackTrace.png]