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wiki2737: WhatIsNewIn4.5.1

What is New in IDE 4.5.1#

Download 4.5.1 build 20081204

Update site is available for this build at

This is a list of changes between IDE 4.5.0 (GA) and IDE 4.5.1. Changes between IDE 4.0.1 and IDE 4.5 can be viewed at What is new in IDE 4.5.

Fixes with id that start with '#' are available in current build, with '--' will be available in the next build.

System Profiler#

  • #17315: Fixed an issue where the event owner for SIGEVENT pulses was being set incorrectly
  • #42616: Fixed an issue in the System Profiler editor where the context menu contents would change between the first and subsequent right-clicks
  • #61887: Fixed an issue where pie charts were appearing with unfilled areas
  • #61961: Fixed Thread Call Stack view such that duplicates no longer occur at the root level of the tree
  • #61981: The Thread Call Stack view and Timeline pane now highlight the threads/processes that are selected in the Trace Event Log view
  • #62014: Fixed an issue on Linux where the UI would hang when saving System Profile Kernel Log Configurations
  • #62018: Fixed Address Translation such that the load address of a library can now be edited after creation
  • #62019: Updated editing of System Profile Kernel Log Configurations through the Kernel Logging tab. A clearer UI is now provided and several unhandled exceptions are fixed.
  • #62023: The Thread Call Stack view has been updated to provide information in a way similar to the debugger
  • #62225: Fixed issue in Thread Call Stack view that prevented it from synchronizing its filters with the system profile editor
  • #62226: Fixed typo in progress monitor when using system profiler and the trace file mode is set to stream
  • #62259: Updated Thread Call Stack view and Filters view to provide proper ordering when an element's name contains numbers
  • #62346: The Partition Summary pane now attempts to show partition information even when no specific APS events are found in the kev file (for example, if the kev file was generated in ring mode)
  • #62354: The Summary pane statistics table now gives more useful information for the running, ready and blocked time of processes with multiple child threads
  • #62782: The CPU usage table now sorts properly when using percentage based values and a language number format that uses a comma as its decimal place (e.g. German)
  • #63016: Updated Address Translation import dialog to clarify its usage
  • #63019: Fixed issue where Thread Call Stack view was showing the incorrect stack trace for events other than function enter and exit

Momentics IDE#

  • #62002: The Welcome -> What's New -> QNX Momentics link now has the new Momentics icon
  • #62250: The QDE core plugin now checks the correctness of the QNX_CONFIGURATION env var which is critical for tool chain discovery and core build tasks.
  • #62420: IPC cheatsheet name change.
  • #62274: Changed all cheatsheets refer to "Project Explorer view" since this is now the default.

C/C++ Development#

  • #42203: C/C++ container project wizard title and description text changes.
  • #42238: Fixed up texts in container project import wizard prompt and error prompt. Also log the CoreException from container item validator.
  • #62633: Fixed problem with generation of Makefile for static library managed make project (external builder).
  • #62395. Fixed problem with corruption. Updated the way how IDE changes after applying project properties updates for regular make projects and BSPs.
  • #62680: Fixed problem with Managed Builder project (Exception when try to set option for the particular resource).
  • #62689: Added to the action "Convert to Managed Project" the ability to convert from QNX static and shared library projects to managed projects.
  • #62827: In MBS: Internal Builder]does not rebuild a dependent project in case of a reference library project changed
  • #62684: Fixed make command line parsers to properly process quoted strings
  • #63068: duplicates CFLAGS/LIBS for custom variant.
  • #62471: NPE during apply for new configuration.

Debugger & Launching#

  • #62436: Fixed problem with launching, when option "build if required before launching" is enabled.
  • #62521: Fixed problem when kernel logging was starting after launched process was already finished (when launch with kernel logging enabled)
  • #62685: Fixed launch command line parser to properly parse quoted arguments and empty strings
  • #62600: Fixed typo: pdebug is expected in /use/bin instead of /usr/bin

Application Profiler#

  • #61958: Added support for application with more than 9 threads
  • #62525: Fixed problem when App Profiler cannot find kev file if logging is more than 3 second
  • #62404: Jumbled text for annotated editor on 1st line of the source code
  • #62736: Launching sample/call count should disable system wide settings
  • #62720: Fixed - Execution Time view - refresh un-scroll locks
  • #62725: Added validation for kernel logging tool for proper select of trace launch configuration (to prevent user errors)

System Information#

  • #42141: When the target is not connected, display correct message on the status bar.

Code Coverage#

  • #62944: REGRESSION: errors reported for code coverage session on files not run/involved.
  • #62811: Cheat sheet has link options wrong
  • #62950: Code Coverage example - specious metadata from development.
  • #63311: Header in Code Coverage examples is incorrect