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wiki1328: SystemBuilder


As long as QNX Neutrino is essentially an embedded realtime system, the building of OS image is an important part of the life cycle of application software. System Builder is the tool that simplifies the task of building OS images for your embedded systems. Besides generating images intended for your target board's RAM or Flash, QNX System Builder can also help reduce the size of your images (e.g. by reducing the size of shared libraries). System Builder also handles the tracking of library dependencies for you by prompting for any missing components.


With the System Builder tool, you can:

  • Create a System Builder project and OS images (IFS), and/or Flash images (EFS) within the tool
  • Make use of the convenient project editing environment
  • Make use of a binary inspector, which each selected binary provides
  • Build a binary image
  • Combine an image with an IPL record, and/or with another File Systems (EFS or an unbootable IFS)
  • Import/export mkxfs script files
  • Have automatic optimizing of the system by excluding unused code
  • Automatically resolves dependencies
  • Load the image to the target using the integrated IDE serial terminal, or using an integrated TFTP server

SystemBuilderScreenshots/SystemBuilder_small.gif Click to enlarge