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wiki2789: ReleasePlanIDE4.5

The following table lists the various milestones planned for the current release of the IDE:

Milestone Planned date Status
Project goes public 12/09/07 100%
System information scalability improvements 09/07 100%
Eclipse 3.3 and CDT 4.0 integration 09/08 100%
Application profiler enhancements 09/08 100%
System profiler enhancements 09/08 100%
System Builder enhancements de-scoped
Release 15 Oct 2008 .


System Information scalability improvements#

Now, the tool uses the XStream object serialization library to persist target information data to an XML file. This greatly improves the scalability of the tool in the following areas:

  • Because of the way that the XStream library handles in-memory object reference, most objects can be serialized without the need for holding on to the object mapping; therefore the tool does not use as much memory as it did before
  • The tool can perform logging for a much longer period of time. Some initial measurements show that the target snapshot logging can continue for as long as six hours, while previous results showed that a typical system would run out of memory when logging for more than one hour
  • The results are in clean XML format, which is easier for users to read

Eclipse 3.3 and CDT 4.0 integration#

  • Eclipse 3.3 Platform New and Noteworthy
  • CDT 4.0 New and Noteworthy
  • Managed build definitions for qcc
  • Target tab for build properties on Makefile projects to select qcc target architecture
  • Scanner discovery for built-ins for qcc
  • Scanner discovery build output parser
  • IDE 4 to IDE Tau project conversion for managed build projects
  • New project template for resource managers
  • Preindex nto header files
  • QNX Project to CDT managed build project conversion

Application profiler enhancements #

You can obtain a detailed description of these feature in this pdf document.

  • Function enter/exit time instrumentation
  • Call Tree/Reverse Call Tree modes
  • Context navigation menu
  • New Profiler sessions view with sessions persistence
  • Profiler sessions comparison
  • Session snapshot tool
  • Pause/Resume Profiling
  • View cloning
  • History navigation
  • Data Grouping
  • Session Import
  • Properties view integration
  • View customization
  • Copy to clipboard
  • View Filtering
  • Search in Tree View
  • Annotated editor improvements

System profiler enhancements#

  • Launch with profiling capabilities
  • Integration with GCC compiler instrumented function profiling
    • "Show in" application profiler capabilities
    • Application stack based timeline view