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wiki3406: ProjectsBuildAndIDE (Version 3)

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Projects, Build and IDE#

This article will talk about how to set-up projects in IDE, what types of projects to pick and how to organize projects to perform effective builds from IDE and command line. This article based on IDE 4.5.1 features.

What do you need to know about IDE project model#

Qnx Momentics IDE is based on open source Eclipse platform and open source CDT project which give essential part of functionality of projects and builds. IDE uses concept of "Workspace" which is user specific writable directory on the local host. This directory itself should never be part on revision control system shared between users nor be located on shared drive (unless you sure only one user using it). IDE (Eclipse) uses concept of "project" which is container for source and binaries together with some configuration files, which is located in workspace, which can be shared between users using version control system. Projects are flat - they cannot contain one another. However there is a concept of Working Set which allows you to filter and group projects if you have too many of them in a workspace. There is also special qnx Container project which allows you to control/build sets of projects at the same time.

When you pick location of workspace and names of the projects be aware that these names can be used in the build and make does not like directory/files with spaces and funky characters in them, even it is fine with IDE - build would not work with such paths.

If you used Visual Studio before you may think that project is virtual container which contains arbitrary files and directories - it is not the case with Eclipse. You can stretch eclipse project to use "Eclipse Links" but they have limited functionality and only support absolute paths now, which makes it impossible to share. In general you have to have a directory in file system that contains project root (source and build output) and same directory would contain eclipse project metadata. The only option you have is to put project inside workspace or outside workspace. However you can your imagination about how this directory is created - you can check out top level from one place, and subdirectories from another, you can use OS soft links or some other means to create it.

Qnx IDE supports 3 project types for C/C++: Makefile project, Qnx project and Managed project.

Makefile Project#

Makefile project would work for any project that has a Makefile. IDE kicks make and after make exists refreshes the workspace to see what you have created. You can change make command and/or run specific make targets, but IDE has no control over what make is doing.

Because IDE would not know what is building it would have problems parsing source files (which it does internally to allow Navigation, Code Completion, Syntax Highlighting, Code Generation and Refactoring). So if you using Makefile project you have to tune "Indexer" (the internal parser) to point it to where are missing Includes and what Defines your parser uses for conditional compilation. The process of figuring this out called "Discovery" and can be controlled using "Discovery Options". If you know what includes and defines you are using it is probably easier just to enter them directly (Project->Properties->C/C++ General -> Path and Settings).