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wiki1109: PlanningSection (Version 5)

Release Plan#

The following table lists the various milestones planned for the current release of the IDE:

Milestone Planned date Status
Project goes public 12/09/07 100%
System information scalability improvements completed 09/07 100%
Eclipse 3.3 and CDT 4.0 integration completed 09/07 80%
Application profiler enhancements completed 11/07 75%
System profiler enhancements completed 12/07 10%
System Builder enhancements completed 01/08 40%
Release 1Q08 .


System Information scalability improvements#

  • TBD

Eclipse 3.3 and CDT 4.0 integration#

  • TBD

Application profiler enhancements #

You can gen a detailed description of these feature in this pdf document.
  • Function enter/exit time instrumentation
  • Call Tree/Reverse Call Tree modes
  • Context navigation menu
  • New Profiler sessions view with sessions persistence
  • Profiler sessions comparison
  • Session snapshot tool
  • Pause/Resume Profiling
  • View cloning
  • History navigation
  • Data Grouping
  • Session Import
  • Properties view integration
  • View customization
  • Copy to clipboard
  • View Filtering
  • Search in Tree View
  • Annotated editor improvements

System profiler enhancements#

  • TBD

System builder enhancements#

  • New System Builder Editor
  • Various editing image presentations:
    • as a regular build script
    • as a component-oriented model
    • grouped by element type (devices, services, applications)
    • as an image file system
  • All presentation are synchronized; user can select preferable way (or ways) of editing image definition
  • Easy way to enable/disable specific components/devices/services/applications
  • Brand new wizards for adding to image new devices/services/applications
  • Intensive support of editing process (syntax coloring, undo/redo, content assist, pop-up help windows while hovering
  • Combining task editor
  • New serial terminal