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wiki2859: IDEBuildFAQ (Version 1)

QNX IDE Projects and Build FAQ#

How can automated builds be set up with 4.5?#

1) If you using Makefile Projects - simply call make from project directory, you have to create a super makefile to build all required projects (can create a super project for that too)

2) Using of container projects. This option could be convenient for those who use a big code base. Container is a holder of various projects (among them could be other containers as well). This is a user's decision how to combine projects into container. For example third-party service libraries could be assembled in one container. Each container has a set of different build configurations (this is almost the same as assigning make targets such as debug, release etc.). To build the whole workspace just launch a root container build specifying configuration. This structure should be mirrored into command line build. To provide this, insert special make file into top container's root directory The content looks like that:

<configuration_1>  :
      cd ../Child_Container_1 ; make <target name>
      cd ..
      cd ../Child_Project_k ; make <target name>
<configuration_n>  :

3) Using mksbp utility

4) Using make for QNX Projects. In this case super makefile has to contain some setup which includes setting "project path" macros. The recommended way is to create extra file with this definitions (here mylib is the project name):

  • if you project and dependency live in workspace
    • PROJECT_ROOT_mylib=$(PROJECT_ROOT)../lib1
  • for references out of workspace
    • PROJECT_ROOT_mylib=F:/libs/mylib

(repeat this for every project)

Then add to this extra make file launch of you "root" make file or add environment variable MAKEFILE=<extra-makefile>.