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wiki2948: F27IntegrationDesignDoc (Version 3)


This is the design document for the new "F27 Integration" feature.


  • MRD - tdb


  • R1: Introduce a UI to discover and show packages available on Foundry27 for checkout
  • R2: Available for download could be:
    • R2-0: Source code for projects
    • R2-1: Specific stable, milestone, integration or nightly builds
    • R2-2: Latest builds of the above categories
    • R2-3: Trunk
  • R3: In all cases, the import is simply an SVN check-out code from a branch, a tag or trunk. The link with SVN is "alive" (can get history, update, etc...)
  • R4: BSPs are just a specialization of the above where a System Builder Project is created in addition to the other projects
  • R5: Source package are hierarchical; e.g. One can pick only a subsystem of a parent package (e.g. System from Core OS)


  • User opens a "F27 view", browses the available F27 projects
  • User checks out the project using a simple context menu action
  • User opens the appropriate perspective (C/C++, QNX System Builder, QNX BSP, etc.) and sees the project is already created and layout correctly
  • User builds the project successfully without changing any project settings
  • User sees the project being "live" as he can get history, synchronize, update and commit changes to F27
  • (Enhancement) User gets notification when there is update avilable to the F27 project(s) he has checked out



  • A new UI view to show available F27 package
  • An action to check out F27 package and create build-able project

UI design overview#

  • A "F27 View" is added to a QNX perspective. The view is the front-end interface for user to browse and checkout F27 packages
  • The data provider for the view comes from a meta info record which feeds the data for F27 packages
  • The record is hosted on F27. The view dynamically queries the record so the data is always up to date
  • The view lays out the data in a hierarchical manner, presents in a project specific structure.
Example of the view:

F27ViewExample/f27_view_example_small.jpgClick to enlarge

  • The view distinguishes the checked-out package in different color (or dim the package) so the user won't accidentally check-out the same package twice
  • The view hides the technical details of the F27 packages' repositories saving the user complicated setup steps
  • The view should be headless wherever possible; only interacts with the user when prompting for the repository login name and password
  • The view should be dynamic - querying the F27 periodically for update so the user always sees the live package status
  • The view should have notification mechanism built-in so the user will be notified (in the status bar) when there is update available

Action design overview#

  • The action is invoked from the view context menu and from the view cool bar
  • The action is the extension to the SVN check-out command with added QNX logic
  • The action goes through the package dependency and recursively checks out depending source code from F27
  • The action looks at the package meta data (module.tmpl?), creates correct type of project(s) and defines appropriate project dependency
  • The action sets up the required project properties (compiler options, build targets, etc.) so the projects are build-able without manual tune up
  • The action should NOT change the source tree layout; this is to preserve the "live" status of the checked out source
  • The action should take some special steps to setup the "prebuilt" and "staging" areas for the project whenever necessary


  • TBD
Image Project_Settings_Page.jpg [F27IntegrationDesignDoc/Project_Settings_Page.jpg]
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Image f27_view_example_new.jpg [F27IntegrationDesignDoc/f27_view_example_new.jpg]