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wiki4679: DownloadIDE4.7.1

IDE 4.7.1#

IDE is an acronym which stands for Integrated Development Environment and a short form for the QNX Momentics IDE. The IDE is based on Eclipse and CDT (open source projects). It provides a Graphical User Interface for developing applications for the Neutrino Real Time Operating System (RTOS). The IDE runs on Windows and Linux hosts, uses cross-platform compilers for Neutrino, and supports "target machine" management with remote running and debugging of applications.

This page is for experimental drops of release for IDE 4.7.1. It contains bug fixes for IDE 4.7 (released as part of SDP QNX 6.5.0). You can install IDE separately (or update existing one). We welcome your suggestions for improvement.

For additional plugins see Add-ons for IDE 4.7 page.

For release IDE 4.7 see Download IDE4.7 page. For release IDE 4.8 see Download IDE4.8 page.

Instruction to use the 4.7.1 update site:#

  • Run IDE 4.7 in admin mode - on Windows run the "QNX Momentics IDE 4.7 Administrative Mode" menu shortcut; on Linux run the "qde_admin" script
  • Open the dialog "Windows -> Preferences -> Install/Update -> Available Software Sites", click "Add...", in the "Name:" field type in "IDE 4.7.1", in the "Location:" field type in this
  • Click "Help -> Check for Updates", follow the update wizard to install IDE 4.7.1 updates.

Development build 201105301104 Download#

Update site is available.

Bugs fixed in this build:

  • [98983]] Ensure clean Eclipse platform shutdown after build completes, including workspace save.
  • [98945]] Fix problem of armle variant not building in project having armle, armle-v7, and x86 variants.

Development build 201008072203 Download#

No update site available.

Bugs fixed in this build:

  • [78513] TOOLS-C_C++Development Exception when saving Container Project after removing non-existent members
  • [78061] TOOLS-C_C++Development Dependency checking feedback from implementation can be slow
  • [78033] TOOLS-C_C++Development Asynchronous resource-change processing is broken
  • [77695] TOOLS-C_C++Development QNX Project: Editors don't see header files from newly added include directory
  • [77686] TOOLS-C_C++Development QNX Project Dependency Checking settings should be in the
  • [69239] TOOLS-C_C++Development "Cannot add new project \n null" error creating new QNX Container project
  • [54160] TOOLS-C_C++Development Scanner Discovery info missing after conversion
  • [78447] TOOLS-IDE "How to update QConn" link is broken
  • [78426] TOOLS-MemoryAnalysis Memory Analysis import should work in background
  • [77687] TOOLS-MemoryAnalysis Memory analysis should be able to export filtered data
  • [78192] TOOLS-SystemProfiler System Profiler performance could be greatly improved by combining operations that iterate over the log file
  • [78164] TOOLS-SystemProfiler Tooltips don't work on windows
  • [77997] TOOLS-SystemProfiler Found process/thread stays highlighted when new selections are made and when IDE is restarted
  • [77988] TOOLS-SystemProfiler Problems with Rename dialog
  • [77979] TOOLS-SystemProfiler Properties view should be part of System Profiler perspective
  • [77978] TOOLS-SystemProfiler Tabbed Properties view fails to show contents even when System Profiler editor is selected
  • [77711] TOOLS-SystemProfiler Loading trace file stalls in UI thread once progress reaches 100%
  • [77677] TOOLS-SystemProfiler Thread Call Stack should have timeout on stack search
  • [67009] TOOLS-SystemProfiler System Profiler leaks memory and SWT handles

Binaries patches required for this fixes: See Download 6.5.0 binary patches or Download 6.4.1 binary patches