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wiki1245: CodeCoverage (Version 2)


Accelerate the optimization, testing and quality assurance phases of embedded development. The code coverage tool in QNX Momentics development suite supports a methodology for ensuring code quality and product integrity.

The code coverage tool identifies areas of code that have not been exercised during testing, allowing further action to be taken, such as modify the test suite to ensure complete test coverage, or determine whether the code is no longer required.

Since the code coverage tool is fully integrated with the IDE, developers can perform testing, optimization, and quality assurance with much less effort.

Code coverage is an essential tool for environments where testing, bug fixing, and software maintenance are handled by separate groups, who may not be involved in the original code development. Code coverage allows:

  • launching a code coverage session and immediately start monitoring an application
  • viewing live results of binary coverage, right down to the basic block (branch path)
  • launching a code editor to see at a glance which source lines have been, or have not been, covered
  • using all the IDE's navigation and referencing tools to help analyze code coverage data
  • viewing the progression of code coverage over several application runs
  • generating reports for additional analysis

Code Coverage/code_coverage_snapshot.gif