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wiki2079: CatchpotinsSupport (Version 5)

This document describe design ideas of adding catchpoints support to CDT

Workflow & UI#

  • Adding catchpoint
    • From brakpoints view, right click Add catchpoint... Dialog opens. Dialog contains type of event to catch and maybe additional argument field.
    • From console, triggers adding breakpoints by backend
  • Removing catchpoint
    • Removing catchpoint from breanpoints view, select breakpoint, right click -> Delete
    • From console, triggers deleting breakpoint by backend
  • Vieweing/Editing
    • Select catchpoint in breakpoints view, right click -> Show breakpoint properties
    • Catchpoint properties contain common page, conditions and triggered actions.

Catchpoint contributions#

  • Main Catpoints attributes would consist of Catchpoint type (event type - String) and Extra argument (Object)
  • Plugin can contribute via extension points of programmatically:
    • new catchpoint type, and whether it will use extra argument or not. Label for this catchpoint type and Label for the argument.
    • for advanced editing of argument(s) plugin can contribute class that implements Control (To view/edit extra argument) and implement some interface to get/set extra argument


  • CBreakpoint already provides extensibility mechanism that can be used for catchpoint contributions?
  • To represent event type there is two options: use marker type or use marker attribute