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wiki1682: Builds_Tau_Integration (Version 19)

Try out our latest IDE Tau integration build#

IDE is an acronym which stands for Integrated Development Environment and a short form for the QNX Momentics IDE. The IDE is based on Eclipse and CDT (open source projects). It provides a Graphical User Interface for developing applications for the Neutrino Real Time Operating System (RTOS). The IDE runs on Windows, Linux and Neutrino hosts, uses cross-platform compilers for Neutrino, and supports "target machine" management with remote running and debugging of applications.

The code name for the next release of the IDE is called Tau (version number 4.5). You can experiment with the new features of Tau after you install one of the IDE Tau integration builds. We welcome your suggestions for improvement.

Installation Instructions#

Before you install IDE (Platform Patches)#

  • This version of IDE will run only on Windows and Linux hosts
  • You need a Full Momentics installation to use the IDE (6.3.2 or 6.4.0), if you don't have it you can download 6.3.2 from QNX Momentics 6.3.2.
  • If you want to use 6.3.2 with new IDE you should consider installing several patches on top of 6.3.2:
    • To enable 6.3.2 OS Docs in IDE - Install 6.3.2 OS Documentation plugins Download and unzip in the $QNX_TARGET folder on the host
    • To enable new instrumented profiling - Install Application Profiler library patch Download and unzip in the $QNX_TARGET folder on the host.
    • To use improved memory analysis - install new memory analysis library, called librcheck. Download and unzip in the $QNX_TARGET folder on the host if you making images, for the target extract <arch> folder from archive (i.e. x86) in the root.
    • To use upload while running and pipes in Application Profiler and Memory Analysis, as well as some other improvement you need qconn patch, which can be downloaded from here. Unzip it in the $QNX_TARGET folder on the host if you making images, or/and copy <arch>/usr/sbin/qconn to you target as /usr/sbin/qconn.

Install and launch IDE Tau for the first time#

  • Create a directory to store integration build (for example C:/Program Files/Qnx IDE 4.5/). Extract the zip file content in it. The extraction process creates an "eclipse" directory.
  • For Linux:
    • a.) Disable "SELinux" if it is currently enabled.
      • Configure SELinux by launching "Desktop"->"System Settings"->"Security Level".
      • Click the SELinux tab, unselect "Enabled", then reboot your system.
    • b.) Ensure that the "$QNX_HOST/usr/bin" appears at the beginning of the $PATH environment variable. You can include it by using this command:
      • export PATH=$QNX_HOST/usr/bin:$PATH
      • To verify where it appears in the $PATH variable, use the following command in a shell: "echo $PATH"
    • c.) Set the "LD_LIBRARY_PATH" by issuing this command:
    • d.) To launch the IDE, run "<IDE Install Dir>/eclipse/qde".
You can create script to run it, and put in <IDE Install Dir>, i.e.:
#!/usr/bin/env sh
export PATH=$QNX_HOST/usr/bin:$PATH
`dirname $0`/eclipse/qde
  • For Windows:
    • a.) Ensure that "%QNX_HOST%\usr\bin" is included in the %PATH% environment variable. To verify where it appears in the $PATH variable, use the following command in a Windows command prompt:
      • set %PATH%
    • b.) To launch the IDE, run "eclipse\qde.exe".
  • Setup Workspace
    • After you install, the first time you start the IDE on Windows, the Workspace Launcher dialog prompts you for a location to store your workspace. By default, the IDE offers to put your workspace in a sub-directory called "ide-4.5-workspace". To store your workspace in another location, click "Browse" and select a directory for your workspace. To continue loading the IDE, click "OK".
      • Make sure workspace path does not contain spaces; this is required for make to work properly on projects inside the workspace.
      • Do not create workspace inside installation directory - it complicates future updates

Update IDE Tau#

Full IDE archive#

  • Use first time installation instruction with different directory name
  • Run IDE
  • If everything works correctly you can remove previous directory where it was installed (but make sure it does not contain workspace)

Update site#

  • Update Site:
  • To use update site
    • Run previously installed IDE
    • Add this update site using Help->Software Updates->Find and Install...
    • Select "Search for new features to install". Click Next.
    • Click "New Remote Site..." and fill the dialog with url and name "IDE 4.5 pre-release update site".
    • Select this site. Click Finish.
    • Select All Features. Click Finish. Select Install All. Restart IDE.


This is experimental code that is being provided for evaluation purposes only under the terms of a valid QNX Momentics development tool license agreement.

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