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wiki1336: Builds_Tau_Alpha_I (Version 18)

IDE Tau Alpha I Build#

The internal code name for the next release of the IDE called Tau. You can experiment with the new features of Tau after you install the IDE Tau Alpha I build. We welcome your suggestions for improvement.; use the IDE Forum for dscussions about the IDE, and to post your questions, comments, and suggestions.

What's new?#

Installation Instructions#

To install IDE Tau Alpha I:

  • 1. Download and install QNX Momentics 6.3.2.
  • 2. Download IDE Tau Alpha I from the Project Download area.
  • 3. Save the ".zip" file you downloaded to a temporary directory. Use your favorite unzip program (such as "Winzip" on Windows, or using the "unzip" command on Linux) to extract the zip file.
  • 4. Extract the zip file content. The extraction process creates an "eclipse" directory.
  • 5. For Linux:
    • a.) Ensure that the "$QNX_HOST/usr/bin" appears at the beginning of the $PATH environment variable. To verify where it appears in the $PATH variable, use the following command in a shell:
      • echo $PATH
    • b.) Set the "LD_LIBRARY_PATH" by issuing this command:
    • c.) To launch the IDE, run "eclipse/qde".
  • 6. For Windows:
    • a.) Ensure that "%QNX_HOST%\usr\bin" is included in the %PATH% environment variable. To verify where it appears in the $PATH variable, use the following command in a Windows command prompt:
      • set %PATH%
    • b.) To launch the IDE, run "eclipse\qde.exe".

After You Install#

After you install IDE Tau Alpha I, the first time you start the IDE on Windows, the Workspace Launcher dialog prompts you for a location to store your workspace. By default, the IDE offers to put your workspace in a sub-directory called "ide-tau-workspace". To store your workspace in another location, click "Browse" and select a directory for your workspace. To continue loading the IDE, click "OK".

After you choose a workspace location, the IDE displays a Welcome window with several options that help introduce you to the QNX Momentics IDE:

  • Overview Icon: Provides links to overviews within the IDE, including the Documentation Roadmap, Team Support (an important topic if you use CVS), Workbench Basics, and the C/C++ Online Documentation.
  • Tutorials Icon: Provides links to the tutorials for building your first QNX applications.
  • Samples Icon: Provides links to samples to help you explore QNX Momentics by installing various prefabricated samples.
  • What's New Icon: Provides links to documents describing the new features in this release, and information about migrating from a previous release.
  • Workbench Icon: Opens the workbench window and minimizes the Welcome page.

Once you open the Workbench, you'll find an extensive set of online documentation in HTML format. In the IDE, choose Help-->Help Contents.


  • TBD


This is experimental code that is being provided for evaluation purposes only under the terms of a valid QNX Momentics development tool license agreement.