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Highlighted Downloads#

This page will highlight any available downloads we wish to bring special attention to.


Example demonstrating how to simultaneously render Advanced Graphics GF, Photon, and OpenGL ES 1.x targeted to a single surface.

Goto: Advanced Graphics/Photon Hybrid Examples and download gf_gl_pg_demo.tgz


Example demonstrating rotated text in Photon.

Photon Rotated Text Example


Examples have been posted demonstrating hybrid coding with Advanced Graphics (GF/GLES) and Photon.

Advanced Graphics/Photon Hybrid Examples


Have you ever wanted to make a minimal IFS image for Photon, but didn't know where to start? Well, we got a surprise for you! Below is a link into the Project Downloads repository that provides a QNX SDP 640 (or newer) compatible X86 build script for Photon, and Advanced Graphics (2D/3D). This build script produces an IFS image of approximately 2.5 MB. It is barebones, waiting for you to add anything else you require, such and applications and networking. Please be aware that you will need to customize the PCI did and vid for your graphics hardware, and use an accelerated driver if you wish (currently uses Enjoy!

Photon minimal build script