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wiki3713: FAQ

Filesystems Frequently Asked Questions#

Q. What is the message "truncating fid <fid> from <size> to <size>?
This message is generated by ETFS when it discovers a transaction which claims to be for the File ID <fid>, but at an offset greater than what is stored in the .filetable. In this case, the length stored in the .filetable is take as the correct value (as it's updated last when the file is either grown or shrunk). This error can occur if a file has been grown, but the .filetable value has yet to be written, or if a file is truncated, and the reclaim processing has not yet purged the old transactions from the media. It is an informational message, and does not indicate damage to the filesystem.
Q. I'm using the new power-fail safe QNX6 filesystem, but it won't mount my CF/USB stick, or it mounts but always read-only?
This is caused by the physical media not meeting the requirements of the power-fail safe filesystem. For safety of data, the filesystem defaults to a read-only state. See the following for details.
Q. I modified the bootloader for QNX4 filesystem to not prompt at startup, but I can't find the source for the qnx6 filesystem
The source code isn't necessary to make the boot silent with qnx6fs. Just run mkqnx6fs as below, and the system will always auto-boot the most recently modified image in /.boot/, no prompts or waits. mkqnx6fs -B -O+quiet /dev/hd0t177