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wiki2086: PortingStatus

Porting Status#


As the least system dependant, libctf is the easy place to start. A few solaris compatibility headers need to be created, and they have been placed in libsolaris_compat.
The only outstanding issue is the sys/zmod.h functions which are part of a solaris kernel module implementing zlib type functionality.
For now I've included zlib, but a zmod wrapper to zlib would probably be appropriate.


This library is a holder for anything solaris specific that needs to be brought over, since most of these will be shared among the other ported libs/utils. For now it's only headers.


This is actually a port of FreeBSD's libelf. The QNX libelf is lacking in a functionality as far as dtrace is concerned, mostly because it makes use of the gelf api. The gelf api is a class independant (general) api to manipulating elf files. This basically means that it has the same api for both 64bit and 32bit elf classes.
Initial import has been done.


No progress as yet.


No progress yet.

ctf utilities#

No progress as yet.

dtrace utility#

No progress as yet.