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wiki2086: PortingStatus (Version 1)

Porting Status#


As the least system dependant, libctf is the easy place to start. A few solaris compatibility headers need to be created, and they have been placed in libsolaris_compat.
The only outstanding issue is the sys/zmod.h functions which are part of a solaris kernel module implementing zlib type functionality.
For now I've included zlib, but a zmod wrapper to zlib would probably be appropriate.


This library is a holder for anything solaris specific that needs to be brought over, since most of these will be shared among the other ported libs/utils. For now it's only headers.


This is actually a port of FreeBSD's libelf. The QNX libelf is lacking in a functionality as far as dtrace is concerned, mostly because it makes use of the gelf api. The gelf api is a class independant (general) api to manipulating elf files. This basically means that it has the same api for both 64bit and 32bit elf classes.


No progress as yet.

ctf utilities#

No progress as yet.

dtrace utility#

No progress as yet.