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OS Forums Guide#

Project members are encouraged to post instead of using private email. Pick a forum to post to based on what you'd like to say or ask:

NameWhat to post
OSTechTalk about code:
-bug reports,
-bug fixes,
-code implementation,
-system architecture.
Post about tech topics like:
-SMP / processes and memory management / Libraries/ Interrupt/ scheduling / magic / partitioning.
Propose new code fixes or features.
Post anything about the code itself.
Post about anything linked from the OS Tech or OS Source Guide wiki pages.
OSDevPost about:
-compile/build/debug problems and questions.
-build tool chain
Post your "make clean" or any build-related warnings.
Post about any thing mentioned on the OS Developer wiki pages
OSRevCode Reviews:
-Post your changes, in the form of diffs or zip files of old and new source.
-Post any code changes to the OS for which you need other people to review. (QNX Kernel process requires all procnto changes to be code reviewed.)
-Post your comments on other people's diffs here too.
OSMetaPost about everything else. Including:
-issues of the os wiki infrastructure: wiki layout, organization, bugs, admin issues.
-any OS or kernel general issue not covered in the other forums
-beginner and general questions.

See posting status at the OS Forums Status page.

Posting guidelines#

Someone suggested the rule "If you wouldn't say it to your Mom, don't post it here." But "mom" includes Dilbert's mom who can tell the difference between packet-routing networks and circuit-switching networks, and is, in general a bigger geek than Dilbert. So the only rules are:
  • All postings must be civil.
  • Off-topic posts must be humorous and not dominate the group.

How to create a new forum#

Propose the new forum with a posting to OSMeta and ask for comments. When a consensus is reached a project admin will create the group. Do the same if you think an existing group's mandate should be changed.