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QNX Operating System#

The operating system? Or the kernel? This project is mostly about the kernel and the process manager. So, isn't that the whole operating system? Well, yes -- if you're already a QNX geek. If you're coming from other OSs, you'll be thinking that disk file systems, device drivers and internet explorer are also part of the OS. But QNX is a microkernel operating system so we don't think of those things as being in the OS. So there! But just to be charmingly inconsistent, we have links to selected tools and libraries that are close to OS developers hearts.

Even within QNX the term "operating system" is used without consistency, probably because we use those words less frequently than "kernel" or "proc". So we'll try to be careful to say what we mean when we use the term. For now: QNX Operating System = kernel and process manager.

Project Overview #

This section gives you an overview of the project. What are the pieces? Where are they? Where have they been and where are we going with them?

Development Plans#

  • To find out what new features are coming up, what's available to try out, and how you can get involved, check out the OS Roadmap

For Developers#

If you want to start playing with the OS, this is where you need to start...

Getting Started#

How To Hack#

The Full list#

The full list of links to development environment, tools and practices is on the OS Developer Information page.

Understanding the OS#

If you want to read what we've written on how the operating system works, you'll want to follow these links:

OS Technology#

The Full list#

The full list to links of QNX OS technology topics is on the OS Tech page.

Everything Else#

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