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Project Information#

Source Overview & Licensing #

OS Technology Areas#


  • To find out what new featues are coming up, what's available to try out, and how you can get involved, check out the OS Roadmap

For Developers#

Getting Started #

  • How the source tree is organized
  • Setting up for development
  • How to access and build the source
  • ...

General Developer Information #

  • QNX best practices and the coding standard
  • How to use the Tracker
  • ...

OS Developer Information#

Understanding the Kernel#

The kernel? Actually we mean the kernel and the process manager. So, Isnt that the whole operating system? Well, yes. If you're already a qnx geek. If you're comming from other OSs, you'll be thinking that disk filesystems, device drivers and internet explorer are part of the OS too. But QNX is a microkernel OS so we dont. So there!