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wiki3365: TopContributors (Version 1)

Top Contributors#

The QNX Community counts tens of thousands of members. Such success could only be achieved with massive contributions from people willing to share their passion for QNX technologies. As a small recognition to those people whose contribution significantly helped the QNX community, our Foundry27 top contributors, QSS is proud to offer them the cool new Foundry27 shirt! :-)

Top List#

Many thanks to the following individuals whose participation has proven to be key to the success of Foundry27:
  • Aleksandar Ristovski
  • Alex Chapiro
  • Alex Doherty
  • Andrew Boyd
  • Andrew Golovnia
  • Andy Jin
  • Attilla Danko
  • Brian K Hlady
  • Brian Stecher
  • Christian Leutloff
  • Colin Burgess
  • Douglas Bailey
  • Elena Laskavaia
  • Eric Dong
  • Freddy Martens
  • Hans-Peter Reicher
  • Hugh Brown
  • Jacek Rudnicki
  • Jeevan Mathew
  • Jonathan Juniman
  • Ken Schumm
  • Malte Mundt
  • Mario Charest
  • Mei Li
  • Mitchell Schoenbrun
  • Murugadoss V
  • Nicolas Gagnon
  • Oleh Derevenko
  • Preeti Sharma
  • Prem Mallappa
  • Rajat Jain
  • Rick Duff
  • Robert Craig
  • Ryan Mansfield
  • Sean Boudreau
  • Steve Reid
  • Thomas Fletcher
  • Tim Gessner
  • Xiaodan Tang
  • Yao Zhao

Know someone you consider a top contributor that's not listed above?#

Please send your recommendations to the QNX Community Management Group