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wiki2578: SDP_6.4.0 (Version 7)

QNX Software Development Platform 6.4.0#

The QNX Software Development Platform which features the next generation of the QNX Neutrino RTOS and QNX Momentics Tools Suite - version 6.4 - the pre-release is now available for download.

NB:new pre-release version (M7) now available

What's New#

QNX Neutrino RTOS version 6.4

New OS features include:

  • POSIX PSE52 certification
  • a BSD 4.0 TCP/IP stack for improved networking performance and better driver compatibility
  • 802.11 a/b/g wireless networking
  • improved memory management for ARMv6 (for ARM11 processors)
  • SMP support for PowerPC e500 (for Freescale MPC8572)
  • a power-safe file system
  • higher performance through variable memory page sizes

QNX Momentics Tools Suite version 6.4
The tools suite introduces:

  • support for the latest GNU toolchain (4.2.4)
  • JTAG debugging
  • new application profiler that offers both statistical profiling and instrumented profiling
  • updated Eclipse (version 3.3) and CDT (version 4.0.x)

Relation to other Foundry27 Projects#

Version 6.4 is the first major QNX product release based on Foundry27 projects. The Foundry27 projects that form part of the software development platform version 6.4 are:

also look for the 6.4 BSP information as it becomes available at

Much of the new technology available in the 6.4 release has been made available via these Foundry27 projects. The alpha download includes these projects in a complete installable package.

Downloading and Installing the Software Development Platform version 6.4 Pre-Release Software#

Go to to the QNX Download Center (NB:new pre-release version (M7) now available) to retrieve the binary installers for 6.4. Select the download appropriate for your host system. Note the Neutrino self-hosted installer comes in ISO format and will require burning to a CD or some ISO mounting software to use. The Windows and Linux installers are installer executables that can be downloaded and run to install 6.4. You can re-use your existing QNX Momentics 6.3.0 or 6.3.2 license for installing and running this alpha software.

The QNX Software Development Platform version 6.4 is currently pre-release software. Please use at your own risk and read the license that is displayed during installation.

Feedback, Comments, Questions and Answers#

A forum has been created to support the pre-release of the QNX Software Development Platform. Please use this forum to post feedback and comments and to ask questions.

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